Yacht & Marina Scuba services

We offer a variety of services under water. Equipment used is depending on the job and contains scuba services and surface supplied air for the more demanding works. Our clients are yacht owners, Marine Insurance companies, Marina's and Harbour Masters, Municipalities and commercial fishing companies. We do anything from searching and recovering dropped objects like keys or watches to changing propellers and cleaning of hull's underwater.


Service is available all season and 24/7 


  • Underwater video inspections of ship's hull, Propeller(s), Rudder(s), Thruster(s), Stabilizers
  • Hull cleaning 
  • Plugging of Sea Chest, inlet piping, hull openings, thruster tunnels
  • Rudder clearance measurements
  • Dropped objects search & recovery
  • Underwater temporary or emergency repairs 
  • Sale & Purchase inspections underwater hull