Green Sea Consult is a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registered Management  Consultancy firm based in The Netherlands and primarily provides Management Consultancy- and advisory services to a range of clients seeking expert knowledge in the Maritime Industry and more specifically in the sectors Shipmanagement and Shiprepair. 

"Developing winning strategies, vision & implementation for results"

Ship repair facilities

With 16 years of working experience in executive positions in large ship repair yards located in 4 different continents, my managerial, operational and commercial expertise of the shiprepair industry can add value and provide better insights to investment firms, banks, shareholders or shipyard  management teams. As a result of globalisation and digitalisation, the competition for any ship repair facility has become more fierce and aggressive. Loyalty is not as common as it used to be and Shipowners benefit from the competition between shiprepairyards and the yards are forced to find solutions to maintain sustainable profitability. To attack and win the battle for business, a new, innovative and modern approach to ship repair yard management is required. Green Sea Consult offers a proven commercial solution* with a guaranteed succes and can help you to develop and implement a unique winning strategy.

Ship owning- and managing companies

Many ship owning- and managing companies ask themselves if their in-house or outsourced technical/ fleet management and dry-docking expenditure is in line with the industry average. Is the fleet managed well and what is the actual status of the assets? Where and how can we improve our fleet management to become more efficient and effective? How are my competitors managing their fleet and what are the latest developments in Fleet & Technical Management. If you are asking yourself these questions then you need to consider contacting me. Green Sea Consult can screen your fleet management organisation and benchmark your Opex and Capex with leading ship owning- and managing companies worldwide. The final report you will receive at the end of the process will provide the client with a clear and detailed overview of your vessel cost versus industry standards and a range of implementable suggestions for improvement of key processes.